iDEAlab Laboratory of ideas opened at Univeristy of Banja Luka

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iDEAlab represents a creative co-working space open for students from all faculties of the University of Banja Luka that will have the opportunity to develop ideas, organized in interdisciplinary teams, and learn about entrepreneurship, innovation, market and all that awaits them after graduation followed by trainings, mentorship and all necessary resources and modern technology, such as 3D scanner, 3D printer, Arduino and LEGO Mindstorm kits that will be at a disposal in iDEAlab premises. There will be organized various lectures, workshops, training sessions and competitions.

The aim of iDEAlab is to systematically stimulate and channel creativity, innovativeness and proactivity of students and young researchers, to promote their talents and strengthen their entrepreneurial skills. Through cooperation with companies iDEAlab will encourage the concept of open innovation by creating meaningful connections between the University and the Industry and will foster  overall entrepreneurial climate.

The Laboratory is situated at Univeristy Entrepreneurship Centre (University City, Bulevar vojvode Petra Bojovića 1A, building behind the Rectorate).

iDEAlab is established in the framework of  the international Tempus project „Fostering students' entrepreneurship and open innovation in university-industry collaboration (iDEALab)“ which is coordinated by the University of Novi Sad. Within the project a regional network of six iDEAlabs is formed and settled on the 6 Higher Education institutions in the region ( University of Novi Sad , the Higher Technical School in Zrenjanin, the Higher Technical School in Subotica, University of Donja Gorica in Podgorica, University of Banja Luka and University of Zenica ).


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