Faculty of Technology

The Faculty of Technology was founded in 1975, and it originated from the Technology Depart-ment of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Banja Luka. At the time on the Faculty, there existed the Chemical and Technological Course as well as the Biotechnology and Food Processing Course, which were transformed into departments in 1977.

In 1988/1989 academic year, the first generation of students was enrolled at the Textile Engineering Department, and in 1997 the Department of Mining set in Prijedor was founded which was eventu-ally transformed into the Faculty of Mining.

In 2010/2011 the Graphic Engineering Department started working.

There are postgraduate studies in Food Processing Engineering, Textile Engineering and Chemical Engineering. All the study programs are organized according to the three-cycle model of studies (4+1+3).

Phone +387 51 434 357
Fax +387 51 434 351
Address 73 Vojvode Stepe Stepanovića Blvd. Banja Luka, 78 000
Dean Dr. Borislav Malinović, Associate Professor
Vice-dean for Teaching Dr. Ladislav Vasilišin, Associate Professor
Vice­-Dean for Science, Research and International Cooperation Dr. Goran Vučić, Associate Professor


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