Coordinators for International Cooperation

Organizational Unit jedinica Name and Surname Contact

Academy of Arts

Marko Šipka MA

Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy

Dragana Zeljić MA

Faculty of Economics

Tajana Serdar Raković PhD

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Vanja Todorović

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Petar Gvero PhD

Faculty of Medicine

Milkica Grabež MSc

Faculty of Agriculture

Tanja Krmpot MA

Faculty of Law

Irena Radić MA

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Milica Balaban PhD

Faculty of Mining Engineering

Ljiljana Tankosić MSc

Faculty of Technology

Goran Vučić PhD

Faculty of Security Science

Slavica Šukalo

Faculty of Political Science

Manja Đurić Džakić PhD

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

Saša Jovanović PhD

Faculty of Philosophy

Slavica Tutnjević PhD

Faculty of Philology

Anja Pravuljac MA

Faculty of Forestry

Jelena Čučković MA

Institute of Genetic Resources

Nataša Pašalić

According to the Article 3 of the Rulebook on the International Exchange of Students and Staff of the University of Banja Luka, the Coordinator for International Cooperation is a person appointed by the Academic-Science Council/Academic-Art Council of the faculty/Academy of Arts for the purpose of exercising jurisdiction under Article 39 of the Rulebook.

Article 39

Coordinator for International Cooperation shall be selected from academic and administrative staff for a period of two (2) years, with the possibility of appointment for one more period of two (2) years.

Coordinator for International Cooperation provides professional, administrative and technical support to outgoing and incoming students and staff.

The responsibilities of the Coordinator for International Cooperation include, but are not limited to: informing students and staff about opportunities in the field of international cooperation, in particular providing information on students and staff exchanges, and providing support in relation to administrative issues, including assistance in organizing accommodation, visas, residence permit, health insurance, etc.