Faculty of Mining

The Faculty of Mining Engineering was established on 16 May 1997 as a department of the Faculty of Technology at the University of Banja Luka. Since 2009, it has been operating as the Faculty of Mining Engineering of the University of Banja Luka. 
The idea of educating experts in the field of mining in this region, though, arose before its establishment. The main goal was to provide education for students here, and not at other higher education institutions, so that they would connect with the Krajina region, which would prevent them from migrating. The initiative of establishing this higher education institution became a reality in 1993 and the Department of Mining was founded by the Decision of the Republic of Srpska Ministry of Education and Culture No UP-I-06-1 of 16 May 1997 within the Faculty of Technology, University of Banja Luka.

Courses for the first-year students started in the academic year 1997-98, followed by the senior year courses. According to the curriculum, courses are taught over nine terms, while one term is designed to prepare students for their diploma thesis.

Having constituted the Teaching Scientific Council and appointed prof. Nadežda Ćalić, PhD, the first dean of the Faculty of Mining Engineering, the Faculty started operating officially on 12 May 2009 as the only organisational unit of the University of Banja Luka outside its seat. Since the academic year 2008-09, the teaching process has been conducted according to the principles of the Bologna Process. At the second study cycle, courses started in 2011-12 on the Mining and Geological Engineering Study Programme. From 2013-14, the Oil and Gas Exploitation course was introduced in the Mining Study Programme, while from 2017-18, another study programme was introduced – Geological Engineering. The focus of the Faculty is on scientific research and cooperation with the public and private sector. Accordingly, several cooperation agreements have been signed with other notable higher education institutions and companies in the past period. Up until now, professors and teaching assistants at the Faculty of Mining Engineering have published around 20 papers in indexed international journals. Together with the teaching assistants, the professors have so far also published eight university textbooks, as well as several scripts and exercise books, which serve as teaching aids and materials. The Faculty has published four collections of academic papers from scientific conferences it has organised, the most important among them being the collection of academic papers from the 7th Balkan Mining Congress, held in 2017 in Prijedor.

The Faculty of Mining Engineering was established and started operating mainly due to the fact that Prijedor needed a great number of different experts, as it has a large raw material base and industry that is being renewed. In view of the fact that this area is important, among other things, because of mining, it was thus quite justified to establish an institution that would provide training in the field of mining and geology. It proved to be of an inestimable benefit to the economy of this country and beyond. There are two study programmes at the Faculty of Mining Engineering in Prijedor - Mining and Geological Engineering. It is the only faculty in the Republic of Srpska that provides education in the field of exploitation of mineral raw materials, where students gain knowledge and skills needed for high-skill jobs related to this sector, and that is important because mineral raw material is a very significant resource of the Republic of Srpska. In this regard, the mission and vision of short-term and medium-term development of this faculty are based on the constant modernisation of study programmes, advancement and improvement of working conditions, as well as improvement of the students’ living standards.

Up to date, this higher education institution has educated experts in the field of mining and geology at the bachelor level and in the field of mining and geological engineering at the master level. It is on these foundations that a contemporary and attractive faculty should be further built, which will provide students with carefully selected knowledge and present it in a modern way. The vision of the Faculty of Mining Engineering is to develop into a modern European higher education institution that will be recognised for the research accomplishments of its professors and associates, graduates and postgraduates, in the field of planning, research, exploitation and use of mineral resources, with special reference to environmental protection and improvement in line with the principles of sustainable development. The task of this faculty is to educate future leaders of economic progress of our country and the region, experts who can take part in scientific research at institutes and faculties around the world, by providing knowledge, skills and training to students for independent and team work alike.

Phone +387 52 241 660
Fax +387 52 241 660
Address N/N Save Kovačevića, Prijedor, 79101
Dean Dr. Svjetlana Sredić, Associate professor
Vice-Dean for Teaching Dr. Drazana Tošić, Associate professor
Vice-Dean for Science, Research and International Cooperation Dr. Ljubica Figun, Assistant Professor


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