The ‘WeltderWunder’ and ‘Fairnetzen’ foundations and University of Applied Sciences, Essen, Germany

In 2014, the ‘WeltderWunder’ German foundation, in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Essen, Germany, started the programme of one-shot stipends to students of our University. Within the three-year period, the foundation, under the auspices of Prof. Frank Winnerbrock, PhD, provided 175 200-Euro stipends for the I- and II-cycle students of all faculties of our University.

Since 2017, in cooperation with the aforementioned university, the stipends have been provided by the ‘Fairnetzen’ foundation, under the auspices of Mr. Kay Mühlenbruch, which will result in the increase of stipend winners of at least 50 students.

Guided by the motto that education is the most important resource and that it needs to be available to majority of people, these two non-profit humanitarian foundations prefer, during the process of selection, successful students of underprivileged socio-economic status, so that a significant number of our students without one parent or both, students whose parents are ill or unemployed or have no stable source of finance have received the stipend in the past four years. 

In terms of the idea for starting these activities, special credit is due to Prof. Clemens Jäger, PhD, Dean of College of Economics and Management of the University of Applied Sciences in Essen, and Prof. Eric Frère, Honorary Doctors of our university, who, in 2013, initiated the signing of Agreement on Cooperation between the two institutions.