Faculty of Philology

Faculty of Philology started operating in 2009 by presenting following departments: Serbian Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, Italian Language and Literature with Serbian Language and Literature and French Language and Literature from the composition of the Faculty of Philosophy.

Classes are held at a basis of all departments in first and second study cycles, except of Russian Language and Literature, where teaching is done only in the first cycle.

Departments are organized according to tertiary study model (4+1+3).

Phone +387 51 340 120
Fax +387 51 340 145 

University City, 1A Vojvode Petra Bojovića Blvd. Banja Luka, 78 000

Dean Dr. Biljana Babić, Full Professor
Vice- Dean for Teaching Dr. Igor Simanović, Associate Professor
Vice­-Dean for Science and Research Dr. Saša Šmulja, Associate Professor
Vice­-Dean for International Cooperation Dr. Zorana Kovačević, Assistant Professor


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