Course specification
Type of study Bachelor academic studies
Study programme
Course title OSNOVE PRAVA
Acronym Status Semester Number of classes ECTS
OGD19OP mandatory 4 2L + 0E 3.0
Lecturer/Associate (practicals)
    Prerequisite Form of prerequisites
    Learning objectives
    Objectives: By studying the Fundamentals of Law course, students primarily acquire basic knowledge about general (introductory) institutes of civil law and real law, as well as the law of real estate registers in the Republic of Srpska. The goal is for the students as a whole to become familiar with the basic institutes of civil law, as well as the place of civil and real law in the integral legal system in general. Also, the aim of studying this course is to acquaint students with the concept, creation, and development of public real estate records, with a special emphasis on the principles and types of entries in valid real estate records - Real Estate Cadastre.
    Learning outcomes
    Outcomes: Getting to know the basic institutes of (civil) law; acquiring the ability of students to interpret regulations individually, as well as collectively, to observe individual civil law institutes and understand their legal nature; familiarization with the unique record of real estate rights in the Republic of Srpska - Real Estate Cadastre; contribution to the establishment of legal certainty in the legal transaction of immovable property; developing students' own critical thinking and abilities.
    Course content: Introduction - concept, subject, and sources of (civil) law; Subjects and objects of civil-legal relations; Legal affairs - concept, division, ingredients, and modifications; Representation - concept and types; Invalid legal transactions (void and voidable); Concept, characteristics, and division of real rights; State - concept, object, types, and protection; Property rights; Co-ownership, common and shared ownership; The concept of limited real rights (right of easement, right of construction, right of lien, real encumbrances); Concept, creation and development of public real estate records; Real estate cadastre - concept and composition; Principles and types of registration in the Real Estate Cadastre.
    Teaching Methods
    Lectures - interactive teaching, consultations, preparation of seminar papers, and independent study.
    1. 1. Ilija Babić i Radenko Jotanović, Građansko pravo, Knjiga 1 - Uvod u građansko pravo, 2018. (Original title)
    2. 2. Ilija Babić i Radenko Jotanović, Građansko pravo, Knjiga 2 - Stvarno pravo, 2020. (Original title)
    3. 3. Zakon o stvarnim pravima, "Službeni glasnik Republike Srpske", br. 124/2008, 3/2009 - ispr., 58/2009, 95/2011, 60/2015, 18/2016 - odluka US, 107/2019, 1/2021 - odluka US i 119/2021 - odluka US. (Original title)
    4. 4. Zakon o premjeru i katastru Republike Srpske, "Slžbeni glasnik Republike Srpske", br. 6/2012, 110/2016, 22/2018 - odluka US, 62/2018 i 95/2019 - odluka US. (Original title)
    Evaluation and grading
    Colloquiums, written and oral examination