OGH07HKON - Hydraulic structures

Course specification
Type of study Bachelor academic studies
Study programme
Course title Hydraulic structures
Acronym Status Semester Number of classes ECTS
OGH07HKON mandatory 8 2L + 2E 5.0
Lecturer/Associate (practicals)
Prerequisite Form of prerequisites
Hydraulics and Hydrology passed exams
Learning objectives
Enabling students to participate in the design and construction of hydraulic structures through familiarization with the basic types of hydraulic structures and their application, introduction of students in the way of designing hydraulic structures, introduction to basic hydraulic calculations of structures, types of static and hydrodynamic loads and specific problems related to the structures that are in contact with water.
Learning outcomes
Ability of students to participate in the design, construction and maintenance of hydraulic structures
Water management. Accumulation basins and flow regulation. Hydraulic structures - features, division, design basis and building materials. Dams - division and types, basic elements. Gravity concrete dams - loads, stability, dimensioning and construction rules. Arched, buttress and lightweight dams. Earth dams. Analysis of external forces. Penetration and breakthrough line. Slope stability calculation. Types and constructive rules. High water evacuation and evacuation organs. Valves and sluices. Water evacuation during dam construction. Water intake structures. Structures for water transport - water supply network. Facilities on the water supply network.
Teaching Methods
Classroom lectures with the help of presentation technology. Exercise classes begin with short explanations, and then students work on assignments individually or in small groups.
  1. Lj.Savić, Uvod u hidrotehničke građevine (Original title)
  2. P.Petrović, Hidrotehničke konstrukcije (Prvi, Drugi i Treći dio) (Original title)
  3. P.Petrović i D.Radojević, Hidrotehničke konstrukcije-primeri primene 1 (Original title)
  4. P.Petrović i D.Radojević, Hidrotehničke konstrukcije-primeri primene 5 (Original title)
  5. P.Petrović i V.Kuzmanović, Hidrotehničke konstrukcije-primeri primene 6 (sa teorijom) (Original title)
Evaluation and grading
Attendance to classes (required) - 5 points Seminar paper - 15 points Assignment - 20 points Written exam - 40 points
Specific remarks
Prerequisite for taking the exam are fulfilled pre-exam obligations - attendance at classes, presented seminar paper and finished and defended assignment