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Meeting of Vice-Rectors with Vice-Deans

University of Banja LukaGeneral

During a meeting with Vice-Deans, Prof. Biljana Antunovic, PhD, and Prof. Goran
Latinovic, PhD, Vice-Rectors for International and Inter-University Cooperation
and Scientific Research and Development respectively, the former were
introduced to the recently adopted system regarding responsibilities and duties in
the area of international cooperation, with the integrated information system
module having been presented as well.
In addition, the participants of the meeting discussed applications for Erasmus+
credit exchange projects, applications for the CEEPUS network, as well as forming
teams in charge of application for and realisation of projects.

The Vice-Deans were also introduced to the Agenda of publishing activities at the
University, as well as to the Draft Rulebook on Procedures and Conditions for
Academic Rank Promotion.

The meeting was also attended by Ms Jelena Rozic, MA, Senior Associate for
International and Inter-University Cooperation, and Mr Dusan Vrucinic, MA,
Senior Associate for Publishing Affairs of the University.


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