The „Development and management of doctoral studies“ workshop held at the University

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On June 7 th 2016, the University of Banja Luka, in cooperation with the HERE expert team from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Erasmus+ Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina, organized a workshop titled ‘Development and management of (international and interdisciplinary) doctoral studies’.

The workshop aimed at transferring knowledge, experiences and good practice examples of the European academic community concerning the organization of doctoral studies. Prof. Michael Klimke of the Technical University of Munich (Germany), who represented the community on this occasion, talked about the study programmes, funding, candidate training and implementation of the third cycle studies at his university. The presentation was of interactive nature, with the participants discussing the issues as they came along.

On behalf of the host, there were two presentations by Prof. Jovo Ateljevic and Mladen Veletic, MA respectively, the former providing the results of a TEMPUS project concerning the quality assurance of doctoral studies, depicting the current state of affairs in the field, the latter offering an insight into the organization of doctoral studies at the local Faculty of Electrical Engineering, as well as the presenter’s personal experience of the third cycle programme in Norway, where he is finishing his doctoral studies at the moment.

The presentations are attached below.

DOCTORAL EDUCATION "Embedding Quality Assurance in Doctoral Education in BiH"

Dr.-Ing. Michael Klimke: Development of interdisciplinary and international curricula and programmes in science, engineering and medicine: an overview of programmes at TUM and European universities

Dr.-Ing. Michael Klimke: Development of internationalized and multidisciplinary PhD programmes: The TUM Graduate School System at Technical University of Munich

Mladen Veletić: ICT Ph.D. study programme at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering - Organization and Implementation


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