B54725 - Design of Graphic Products

Course specification
Type of study Bachelor academic studies
Study programme
Course title Design of Graphic Products
Acronym Status Semester Number of classes ECTS
B54725 elective 7 2L + E 5.0
Lecturer/Associate (practicals)
    Prerequisite Form of prerequisites
    Learning objectives
    The aim of the studies is to provide students with the theoretical and practical work in the field of graphic design products, enabling them to independently solve the tasks. Students are being formed into complex graphic design engineers, socially responsible, able to evaluatethe aesthetic level of the project to be realized and able to creatively work on it and finish it.
    Learning outcomes
    Acquired knowledge is used in profession, individual work and in further education.
    Graphic Communications course includes theoretical and practical part. The lectures in the theoretical part of the course include the following topics: • Direct means of advertising • Representative propaganda tool • Design of Folding Graphic Packaging • Design labels, stickers and slings The exercise in the practical part of the course include the following topics: • Catalogue design • Calendar design • Graphic Packaging design
    Teaching Methods
    Lectures, exercises and consultations.
    1. Fruht, M; Rakić, M; Rakić, I., Grafički dizajn kreacija za tržište, Zavod za izdavanje udžbenika i nastavnih sredstava Beograd, 2004 (Original title)
    2. Hembree, R., Kompletan grafički dizajn, Don Vas 2008 (Original title)
    3. Nedeljković, M., Marketinški priručnik, D.O.O. Dnevnik - Novine i časopisi, Novi Sad 2001 (Original title)
    4. Nedeljković, S; Nedeljković, U., Pismo i tipografija, Fakultet tehničkih nauka, Novi Sad 2012 (Original title)
    Evaluation and grading
    Written (graphic works) and final exam.