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The Rectors’ Conference: Successfully Responded to All Challenges

University of Banja LukaGeneral

The public universities have successfully dealt with all the challenges faced during the coronavirus pandemic, and have thereupon successfully organized distance learning, it was concluded at the online session of the Rectors’ Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina, held on 27 April 2020. 

One of the problems and challenges of all higher education institutions that were discussed at the conference, chaired by Rector of the University of Bihac, Prof. Dr. Fadil Islamovic, was the impossibility of organizing practical teaching, so it was concluded that this form of teaching will be conducted as soon as the conditions for it have been met.

The possibility of organizing examinations and graduation papers was considered, and the rectors exchanged their experiences, views and advices in order to help each other overcome this crisis, with outcomes that best suit the students’ needs.

The rectors have again demonstrated the power of public higher education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, when by consensus great strides can be made, by taking a unified and joint approach to all challenges at times like this. 


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