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Traineeship for Final Year Students

University of Banja LukaGeneral

Pursuant to the Student Traineeship Protocol, signed by Rector of the University of Banja Luka Prof. Radoslav Gajanin, PhD, and Mayor of Banja Luka Igor Radojicic, MSc, on 11 March 2020, traineeship is planned for 35 final year students.

By this protocol signed at the Rector’s Office, the plan is that students of the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Agriculture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Political Sciences, Faculty of Philosophy, and Faculty of Medicine do their training in the City Administration of the City of Banja Luka, city institutions, public institutions and enterprises of the City.

Rector of the University of Banja Luka Prof. Radoslav Gajanin, PhD, said that every year there is an increase in the number of students and faculties that gain practical knowledge in city companies.

,,We are committed to raise students’ hands-on learning. They also gain additional competencies that will recommend them to the labour market and enable employment in urban and similar businesses. We have similar contracts with private companies’’, Rector Gajanin said after signing this protocol.

Mayor of Banja Luka Igor Radojicic said that this traineeship has been offered for the third year now, and hopes that it is useful for students to learn about the practical process in administration and certain companies.

According to him, the University and the City of Banja Luka are also cooperating in other fields.

,,We recently had a meeting with representatives of student organizations and agreed to again support this year's Student Days event, as part of celebrating the Day of the City in April’’, Radojicic added, explaining that these activities have been planned under the assumption that the epidemiological situation becomes normal in April.

As he said, every year the City provides support to students and pupils through scholarships and around BAM 1.5 million is earmarked for this purpose.

,,We are also working on infrastructure, so now we have about a kilometre of new LED lighting at the campus, and the plan is to renovate the sports grounds within the campus’’, Radojicic said, emphasizing that the City of Banja Luka is cooperating with a number of faculties at the University.

After signing the Student Traineeship Protocol, Mayor Radojicic was briefed on the road construction plan at the campus, the construction of a pre-school educational institution (kindergarten), the landscaping of the campus and the solving of parking issues at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Economics. The rector and mayor then went around the campus, where new LED lighting was installed.


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