Promotion of 29 PhD degree holders 

University of Banja LukaGeneral

On 8 November 2018, Prof. Radoslav Gajanin, PhD, Rector of the University of Banja Luka, organised a promotion ceremony for 29 PhD degree holders in the past academic year. 

Prof. Gajanin said that this was a promotion marking one of the most important milestones in one’s academic career. 

’This is a special day for you who have gained a PhD degree at our university in the past year, and we are proud of the fact that you have chosen our institution as a place to reach one of the pinnacles of your scholarly life’, said Prof. Gajanin at the ceremony attended by deans and vice-deans of respective faculties.  

According to Prof. Gajanin, there are between 20 and 35 PhD degrees gained at the University of Banja Luka on the annual basis.

’This generation of doctorate holders gained their degrees in line with the pre-Bologna Declaration system, while in the future we are looking forward to those pursuing their titles according to the three-cycle academic studies design’, said Prof. Gajanin. 

Prof. Dijana Zrnic, PhD, of the Faculty of Law, gained her degree at the Faculty of Philology, with her interdisciplinary dissertation dealing with the fields of law and literature, focusing on the motif of justice in the American literature in the 17-20th century period.

’As far as interdisciplinarity is concerned, it still has not gained a prominent status in our academic circles, so this dissertation is a genuine novelty in scholarly and socio-cultural terms’, said Ms Zrnic.  

Other PhD degree holders come from the Academy of Arts (Ms Maja Jockov), Faculty of Physical Education and Sport (Ms Kristina Pantelic Babic), Faculty of Law (Ms Ivana Grubesic, Mr Ljubomir Ozegovic, and Mr Damjan Danilovic), Faculty of Agriculture (Ms Nada Zavisic, Mr Senad Murtic, and Mr Branimir Njezic), Faculty of Sciences (Ms Mariana Lukovic Tanovic, Mr Pero Sailovic, and Mr Goran Sukalo), Faculty of Economics (Mr Bojan Baskot and Mr Zoran Borovic), Faculty of Technology (Mr Drazenko Bijelic), Faculty of Medicine (Mr Marinko Domuzin, Mr Jadran Bandic, Mr Sefkija Balic, and Mr Faruk Nisic), Faculty of Mining (Mr Dimso Milosevic), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Mr Milovan Kotur and Mr Branislav Sredanovic), Faculty of Philosophy (Ms Sanja Partalo, Ms Ljiljana Jerkovic, and Ms Jelena Krulj Draskovic), and Faculty of Philology (Ms Sandra Novkinic, Ms Ljiljana Mijanovic Losius, and Mr Ratko Knezevic).

The promotion was held within the scope of activities marking the 43rd anniversary of the University. So far, 690 PhD degree holders have been promoted since the establishment of the University. 


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