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Presentations of a PhD study project of a guest researcher Carmen Callizo at the Faculty of Philosophy

University of Banja LukaGeneral

Carmen Callizo Romero, a PhD student at the University of Granada (UGR; Spain) and a guest researcher on a three-month Erasmus+ exchange at the Department of Psychology at Faculty of Philosophy, held two talks on the topic "Religiosity and traditionality in the spatial conceptualization of time" which comprises a part of her PhD study project.

 Her thesis explores the effects of cultural differences on how a person conceptualizes time. The data for this project was collected in a cross-cultural study, in which Bosnia and Herzegovina was also involved under the supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Slavica Tutnjević.

 The first talk for the staff at the Department took place on April 16, 2018, while the second talk for students took place on June 8, 2018. At the second occasion, Dr. Isidro Martinez-Cascales also presented more details about theoretical and empirical research conducted at the Grounded Cognition laboratory ( at the University of Granada.


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