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The Economic policies of small countries under the conditions of European integration conference organized at the Faculty of Economics

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On the occasion of marking the 42nd anniversary of its establishment on February 7-8 2017, the Faculty of Economics organised a scientific conference whose topic was Economic policies of small countries under the conditions of European integration.

The Conference addressed several significant issues encountered by the creators of economic policies of small countries on their path of their integration process into the European Union. It was organised with the aim of offering the answers that would complete the image of the necessary characteristics of an economy system, as well as both macroeconomic and microeconomic policies to be implemented by small countries in order to be more efficient within the EU.

Are small countries that are in the process of the EU integration able to independently formulate their economic policies? Which economic policies are essential for the small countries for achieving maximum effects of general EU prosperity and protecting themselves from devastating consequences of crisis or recession within the Union? -  these are just some of the issues raised and discussed by the participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina (the Republic of Srpska and the Federation of BIH), Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, and Macedonia.

The original papers of this Conference are going to be published in English in a special issue of the Acta Economica journal in the first half of 2017.

This Conference is the seventh scientific event organised by the Faculty of Economics within the past year, thus confirming that this scientific and educational institution is dealing with the current events in the field of economy with final aim of having an important role in developing theory and practice of economics.


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