Faculty of Science Celebrated its 20th Anniversary

University of Banja LukaGeneral

On 16 September 2016, the Faculty of Science organized a ceremony in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of successful work in the Banski dvor cultural centre.

On that occasion, numerous guests were addressed by the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Goran Trbić, who reminded the present of the fact that the development of this institution started in 1996, after separation from the Faculty of Philosophy.

‘The primary mission of this Faculty is developing fundamental sciences and education of teaching staff. In addition to educational activities, internationally recognised scientific research has been developed at the Faculty, and this is proven by the fact that our researchers have been cited and recognised in famous databases; they have received recognitions at both home and international level, and participated in numerous international conferences and projects’, Dean Trbić pointed out. 

On behalf of the academic community of the University in Banja Luka, the Rector of the University, Prof. Milan Mataruga, congratulated the members of staff on their anniversary, saying that ‘despite being one of the youngest faculties, the Faculty of Science is one of the most successful ones. Their achievements are measured by the number of staff, the variety of study programmes, as well as by the scientific influence of this Faculty, whose lecturers and professors publish the greatest number of scientific papers in the referent home and international journals’, adding that this Faculty, when the scientific fields studied there are considered, is in itself a small university and a link that connects not only all faculties of our University, but also our University to other universities.

At the ceremony, meritorious individuals and institutions were awarded with charters for special contribution to the work and development of the Faculty. After that, guests had an opportunity to see a documentary on the Faculty developing into one of the most promising educational institutions in the Republic of Srpska.
Finally, the ceremony was completed by the promotion of bachelor and master degree holders, held on 17 September at the Faculty.


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