Rector welcomed the 2015/2016 Huawei scholarship winning-students

University of Banja LukaGeneral

On July 1 2016, Prof. Milan Mataruga, Rector of the University, welcomed the students who won the 2015/2016 Huawei scholarship. Congratulating them on the results achieved, Prof. Mataruga reminded the students of the fact that care about best students was a strategic decision of the University, which was highlighted in his inaugural address as the newly-elected rector in May this year.

Prof. Valerija Saula, Vice-Rector for international and inter-university cooperation, informed the present of the Agreement on Donation between the Huawei Technologies Ltd and the University of Banja Luka, made on October 27 2010, according to which the former was obliged to provide 5 scholarships worth $1,250 each year for the period of 8 successive academic years (2010-2018), the total amount of donation being $50,000. The scholarships are awarded following the rules of a public bid, according to the criteria of the Rulebook harmonized by the Senate of the University and the donator.

This cooperation is an excellent example of connections made between business and academic communities, not only providing material support for the students but also creating conditions for their professional recognition once they complete their studies and enter the labour market.


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