Presentation of scholarships provided by the government of the United States of America

University of Banja LukaGeneral

The possibilities of studying at institutions of higher education in the United States of America (USA) with the support offered by the government of the USA were presented at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Banja Luka on March 22, 2016.

USA government officials in Bosnia and Herzegovina Mrs. Adriana O’Flanagan, Academic Exchange Coordinator, and Elizabeta Delalić, Expert Assistant for Education and Culture, presented invitations to apply for scholarships for studying or doing research at institutions of higher education in the USA that are already open or are soon going to be.

They especially indicated which possibilities are offered by famous programs such as the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program and the Fulbright Program, which were established in 1946 by the former American senator William Fulbright with the aim of allocating funds from the government budget for fostering education as a means to achieve better understanding between countries and nations.

After the USA Embassy representatives’ presentation, Sonja Pržulj, who is the assistant for the Education USA Program which is coordinated by the American Corner of the city of Banja Luka, talked about specific possibilities of support that are offered during the process of preparing applications for studying at American institutions of higher education to those who are interested (for instance choosing the right institution, writing a biography or a motivational letter, collecting required documentation). The meeting was attended by professors, teaching assistants and students from a few faculties of the University of Banja Luka, as well as the academic staff of the University of Banja Luka who were awarded the USA government scholarships: Jelena Karišik, M.A., Associate Professor at the Academy of Arts, Tatjana Bijelić, PhD, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Philology, Siniša Vučenović, PhD, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and Emily Gray, a guest from the USA who was awarded the Fulbright Program scholarship and is currently employed by the Educational Research Institute of the Republic of Srpska.

The attendees were welcomed by Vesna Mrdalj, PhD, Assistant Professor, Vice-Dean for International Cooperation and Scientific Research Affairs on behalf of the Faculty of Agriculture management and Valerija Šaula, PhD, Full Professor, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation on behalf of the University of Banja Luka management.

More information on the programs represented is available on the following websites: and


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