Univeristies of Banja Luka and East Sarajevo have signed Charter and Code

Science and developmentUniversity of Banja Luka

Both public universities in the Republic of Srpska signed the „Charter for Researchers“ and „Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Reserachers“. Universities of Banja Luka and East Sarajevo this way joined the family of European universities that aim to improve employment opportunities and increase the value of researchers' career development that are essential elements in fostering economic growth and employment, as well as the establishment of the European Research Area (ERA)

With this step, the universities have accepted obligation of implementing basic principles of these two documents in practice, which are already and partially adopted strategic documents in the area of university's  organization of research and area of quality assurance.

Herewith we are inviting other universities (public and private), research institutes and companies with research departments, and that they sign this, for researchers, very important documents. All information about the Charter and the Code, as well as how signature, you can get the EURAXESS Center B&H ( or NCP-I Mobility (

and at web-site