UP - Road management

Course specification
Type of study Master academic studies
Study programme
Course title Road management
Acronym Status Semester Number of classes ECTS
UP elective 1 2L + 1E 4.0
Lecturer/Associate (practicals)
Prerequisite Form of prerequisites
None. -
Learning objectives
Acquiring knowledge of road management. Training for a systematic approach to road management and the application of modern methods and models of management in practice.
Learning outcomes
Design of a database, within the information system, as a basic parameter in reviewing the condition of the road network. Development of applicable models of database use. Ability to use dTIMS/VIAPMS and HDM-4 software models. Defining economic effects as the ultimate goal of traffic system management.
Objectives of the road management system. System structures. Characteristic road conditions. Information system as the basis of management system. Road database, structure and scope of data. Database of traffic, bridges and tunnels. Road network, vehicle fleet, traffic load, traffic flow characteristics, prices. Defining the condition of the road network, damage and their development. Forecast models for predicting changes in road conditions. Calibration of the model to local conditions. Field data collection, types, methods, equipment, data presentation. Maintenance works and their effects. Alternative strategies. Model TIMS/VIAPMS. Model HDM-4 for road network development and management. Strategic analysis of the road network. Program analysis of the road network. Project analysis of the road network. Economic effects of systematic road network management.
Teaching Methods
Classroom lectures and practical exercises. Consultations and individual work with students. Independent student work on the preparation of the annual task.
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Evaluation and grading
The student is obliged to attend classes and perform and defend the annual task. Knowledge tests during the semester (colloquium) are not repeated. The final exam is held within the exam deadlines. For a student who did not attend the knowledge tests during the semester or did not achieve a passing result (at least 51% of the points provided for the knowledge test), as the first part of the final exam will be organized a knowledge test that he did not attend or did not pass. If a student has more than 3 absences he must re-enroll the subject.
Specific remarks
The condition for taking the final exam is that the annual task has been done and defended.