MEE16TP - Team project

Course specification
Type of study Master academic studies
Study programme
Course title Team project
Acronym Status Semester Number of classes ECTS
MEE16TP mandatory 2 2L + 2E 4.0
Lecturer/Associate (practicals)
Prerequisite Form of prerequisites
- -
Learning objectives
A team project is a course in which students of mechanical engineering, architecture and civil engineering apply their academic competencies by working on a joint interdisciplinary project in order to acquire the skills of teamwork, communication and presentation that are necessary in the business world and the labor market.
Learning outcomes
Students will be trained to solve interdisciplinary problems within a team. Students will improve communication and negotiation skills and will be able to create a project assignment. Students will be able to assess how their way of communicating and working affects overall group communication, planning, decision making, and task solving. Students will be able to resolve disputes and problems that arise due to professional and personal differences. The student will be able to initiate and stimulate collaboration or change patterns of behavior when needed in working on a joint project. The student will be able to collaborate with people from other scientific fields and work with them in solving common problems. The student will develop the ability to present results, ideas and solutions to different target groups. The student will improve communication skills.
Interdisciplinary groups of 3 to 5 students of different profiles are created who attend the master's degree in EE in building. Within the program, topics are formed, depending on the number of students, for a given school year. The work of the group on joint problem solving within the topic assigned to the subject "Team project" for a given school year. Forming a team, selecting a group leader, defining a methodology and work plan. Division of tasks within the group. Reporting during the work, on the progress of the project as well as the work of the group. Individual diary keeping. Periodic presentation of reports and final defense of the project according to the rules defined by the teacher. Developing presentation skills through various exercises. Experimental part of the paper (if the topic requires).
Teaching Methods
The learning method is based on one's own experience. Students develop the skill of teamwork through learning from specific situations while working together. Students share thoughts about work and communication within the team orally with other team members, keep work diaries, take advantage of interaction exercises and give feedback to each other.
Evaluation and grading
Final report of the project work in written form. Oral presentation and defense of joint work in which all team members participate. Assessment of teamwork during the semester based on monitoring the work of the group.
Specific remarks