B54821 - Web Design (B54821)

Course specification
Type of study Bachelor academic studies
Study programme
Course title Web Design (B54821)
Acronym Status Semester Number of classes ECTS
B54821 mandatory 7 2L + E 5.0
Lecturer/Associate (practicals)
    Prerequisite Form of prerequisites
    None -
    Learning objectives
    To enable students to handle technologies for web content design and to introduce students with web design principles.
    Learning outcomes
    Students are enabled for individual work in area of creating complicated web contents.
    Fundamental technologies for web design: HTML, xHTML, CSS. Characteristics of the Internet network and HTTP protocol. Multimedia data types on the web. Streaming. Web site usability: page design, content design, web site design. Presentation for persons with special needs. Multilingualism and localization of content.
    Teaching Methods
    Consultations, computer practice, lectures.
    1. Dave Lawrence, Soheyla Tavakol, Balanced Website Design - Optimising Aesthetics, Usability and Purpose, Springer-Verlag 2007 (Original title)
    2. Bryan Pfaffenberger et al. HTML, XHTML, and CSS Bible, John Wiley and Sons 2004 (Original title)
    Evaluation and grading
    Written and oral exam.