CEEPUS application

CEEPUS III exchanges are carried out within the networks, except for, so-called, Freemover activities. 

Universities i.e. faculties that are willing to participate in the exchange program are obliged to do it within the network.

The Network has to be consisted of at least three universities, two of which should be from different CEEPUS member states.

In order to gain right to participate in the network, the universities are obliged to prepare and submit two documents via e-mail:  Letter of Endorsement - signed by the Director of the University (or Vice-Rector ) and Letter of Intent- signed by the dean or Vice-Dean.

Freemovers category is formed so it could provide opportunities for scholarships for students and academic personnel who are a part of a certain university within the CEEPUS, and want to participate in the exchange outside of the network, i.e. as individuals. The application for Freemovers scholarship requires two documents:

а) Letter of Endorsement

b) Letter of Intent

15th January
Deadline for Network Applications

15th June
Deadline for receiving students’ and personnel’s applications for the winter semester 

31st October
Deadline for receiving students’ and personel’s applications for the summer semester

30th November
Deadline for receiving Fremovers applications


CEEPUS handbook