Extended collegium

Extended collegium, besides the members of Collegium, is comprised of: Steering Board President, deans of faculties and Academy, Institution director and other executives of the University organizational units, as well as the Student Parliament president.

The rector helds sessions of the Extended Collegium, by the rule, once a month, for the consideration of specific issues relevant to the work and functioning of the University, faculties, Academy and Institutes. 

Members of the extended Collegium are:

  • Professor Radoslav Gajanin, PhD, University rector
  • Professor Strain Posavljak, PhD, University vice-rector 
  • Professor Goran Latinović, PhD, University vice-rector
  • Professor , Biljana Antunović PhD, University vice-rector
  • Professor , Dalibor Kesić PhD, University vice-rector
  • Professor Sanda Dodik, PhD, University vice-rector
  • Professor Rajko Gnjato, PhD, president of University's Steering Board
  • Duško Lazić, Finance Director
  • Đorđe Markez, MA, Secretary General
  • Professor Luka Kecman, PhD, Academy of Art
  • Professor Brankica Milojević, PhD, Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy
  • Professor Milenko Krajišnik, PhD, Faculty of Economics
  • Professor Zoran Đurić, PhD, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Professor Darko Knežević, PhD, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Professor Ranko Škrbić, PhD, Faculty of Medicine
  • Professor , Zlatan Kovačević, PhD, Faculty of Agriculture
  • Professor Željko Mirjanić, PhD, Faculty of Law
  • Professor Goran Trbić, PhD., Faculty of Sciences
  • Professor Vladimir Malbašić, PhD, Faculty of Mining
  • Professor Ljiljana Vukić, PhD, Faculty of Technology
  • Professor Predrag Ćeranić PhD, Faculty of Security  Science
  • Professor Borko Petrović, PhD, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport
  • Professor Ranka Perić-Romić, PhD, Faculty of Political Science
  • Professor Srđan Dušanić, PhD, Faculty of Philosophy
  • Professor Petar Penda, PhD, Faculty of Philology
  • Professor Vojislav Dukić, PhD, Faculty of Forestry
  • PhD Marina Antić, Institute of Genetic Resources
  • Nikola Bulović, Student Parliament