Joint Committee of Ministers

The Joint Committee of Ministers is the highest CEEPUS body. It meets every other year and takes all basic decisions, such as accepting new member states by unanimous invitation, deciding on further program development and taking any other major decision. And, of course, the Joint Committee of Ministers is in charge of the CEEPUS budget and the CEEPUS internal currency, which is “1 scholarship month”, defined as a full scholarship according to the local standard of living. Each year all countries pledge the number of incoming scholarship months they will make available for the next academic year.

The Joint Committee of Ministers is presided by one of its members, elected as CEEPUS Chair. The current CEEPUS Chair is Croatia.


Current Chair:     2017 - 2019   Croatia

Previous Chair:   2015 - 2017   Romania

                            2013 - 2015  Czech Republic

 2011 - 2013   Austria

 2010/2011     Poland

 2009/2010     Montenegro

 2008/2009     Romania

 2007/2008     Bulgaria

 2006/2007     Croatia

 2005/2006     Slovenia

 2004/2005     Austria

 2003/2004     Poland

 2002/2003     Croatia

 2001/2002     Slovakia

 2000/2001     Romania

 1999/2000     Bulgaria

 1998/1999     Czech Republic

 1997/1998     Hungary

 1996/1997     Slovenia

 1995/1996     Austria

 1994/1995     Austria


Legal basis

CEEPUS III Agreement, Article 3

(1) A Joint Committee of Ministers, hereinafter “Joint Committee”, composed of one representative of each of the Contracting Parties, is hereby established. The Joint Committee shall be responsible for all measures and decisions necessary to ensure the implementation of this Agreement, including the approval of evaluation reports. The Joint Committee shall adopt a work programme for the CEEPUS III cooperation.

(2) The Joint Committee shall meet as deemed necessary. It shall adopt its own rules of procedure and shall elect one of its members as Chairperson. It may establish working groups required for the implementation of this Agreement and decide on their composition.

(3) The Joint Committee shall make every effort to reach agreement by consensus regarding all decisions. If all efforts at consensus have been exhausted, and no consensus reached, decisions shall as a last resort be adopted by a two-thirds majority vote of the members of the Joint Committee present and voting.

(4) The Joint Committee shall unanimously adopt decisions on the total amount of CEEPUS III scholarship months based on the announcement made in accordance with Article 1 paragraph 5.